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Why birth photography... 

The birth of your child happens once. 

Anyone who has had a baby can understand that labor and delivery is a little bit crazy. There is a lot happening and the truth is, there is a lot you won't remember when its all said and done. Having a birth photographer there to capture it all for you just means you can relive that amazing moment over and over for years to come. 



What is included?

The Birth Story package includes labor, delivery and up to 2 hours after birth. You will receive a minimum of 145 HI-RES images on a flash drive with a print release, as well as a custom designed hardcover book with photos from the labor and birth - the tangible Birth Story

Do I have to have a home birth? 

Absolutely not! I have a variety of clients who deliver at home, birth center or at the hospital. I have clients who have had planned and unplanned cesareans. If you are having a cesarean, I will be there for as much as I can. Alaska hospitals have strict rules on not allowing photographers into the actual delivery. But I take photos of the preparations and I am in the recovery room when you're done. 

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

Well, then you would be in good company. A LOT of women go into labor in the middle of the night or early morning. That is fine! I am prepared for that. I am on call 2 weeks before and after your due date. That means you can call or text me at anytime- whether its just "I think something is happening" or its the "okay it is time" text, I prefer you keep me in the loop in those last weeks. So you never have to worry about being an inconvenience. This is all apart of the process and I enjoy it all. 

What about the crotch shots? 

This is the most common question/comment I get. And my response is with another question, what do you want? I have clients who absolutely want photos of the baby crowning, and thats awesome. And I have clients who do not, and that is okay too. If you do want those up close and personal photos, those are only for you. I will not put them in the album, or share them on social media. So you never have to worry about that.  

Why would I want a stranger at my birth? 

As soon as someone expresses interest in hiring me as their birth photographer, we schedule a face to face get together. This is not formal (and usually it involves coffee or tea or lunch) but it is a time for us to get to know each other. I take pride in having a great relationship with my clients. I feel so honored to have been chosen to witness and photograph since a beautiful, intimate moment. So if you feel weird about having a stranger at your birth, I get it! And that is why I enjoy these little dates so that I don't feel like a stranger to you. 



Now what?

Now you decide if birth photography, and hiring me as your birth photographer, is right for you. And if the answer is yes, then we can schedule our consultation, go over the contract and I can answer any and all questions you may have.