Sons & Daughters

Let's keep it simple: 

  • No separate session fee.

  • No required print orders.

  • No picking and choosing what photos to print and purchase.

  • You keep the final edited images. Forever.

All portrait sessions include the session fee, my signature editing, and all of the final edited images on a flash drive, along with the print release.

Because I believe some of the best photos come between the obvious "keepers".  The silly faces, unplanned giggles, the beautiful chaos - these are the photos that tell the story - the photos that in 10 years from now will bring you back to that exact moment. Those photos should be cherished forever

Some photographers don't give digital images and you have to choose what prints you want from your session, while the rest are never seen again. But I don't want you to have to pick and choose which photos you keep.

Because sometimes those candid, "in-between" photos are the ones that you want and need to keep forever. And you should get to do that. 


*You are more than welcome to order professional prints and products from me at a discounted price, but you are not required to.


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