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The Birth of Liam & Charlotte // Alaska Birth Photographer

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I woke up Saturday morning at 4am to a call from Mama Jessica. "This isn't THE call. But my water broke so after the midwives get here, Ill let you know if you should come. Until then, go back to sleep." 

Go back to sleep? Ha. 

After a couple hours of waiting, I did doze off and very shortly after I received a text from Papa Will saying, "come now." And that is pretty stressful when you know you have an hour drive. Of course this particular morning it was extremely icy and very foggy. The conditions were not ideal when trying to get somewhere quickly. But as I got closer to the Kiehner home, the fog lifted and the sunrise was spectacular.

The the sun was rising, the sky was clear and the mountains shined. It was a beautiful day for Liam and Charlotte to be born. 

Introducing: Liam & Charlotte

Liam Sawyer: 8lbs 10z, 20inches

Liam Sawyer: 8lbs 10z, 20inches

Charlotte June: 8lbs 4oz, 20inches

Charlotte June: 8lbs 4oz, 20inches

The Birth of Baby Cate

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I arrived to the Davidsson home in the early morning. It was still dark outside. The house was quiet. And upstairs, in the master bedroom, was a beautiful mother preparing to deliver her child. Surrounded with love and support.

The big sisters stayed nearby. They read their books and watched their mom in awe of her strength. While 4 little brothers slept soundly downstairs. 

We watched a beautiful sunrise as this sweet little babe prepared for journey earth side. 

It does a man good to see his lady being brave while she has their baby…
It inspires him.
— Ina May Gaskin

The moment a mother sees her baby for the first time… pure magic.


The excitement in the room was incredible. The kids ran in one by one to meet their new sibling. There was no jealousy, just pure love. 

Welcome, earth side Baby Cate. We love you.