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Talena's Twins: Round 2

Alisamarie GaccioneComment

Meet Talena: She is 36 weeks pregnant. 

With twins


If you've followed me or my photography for any time, you've probably seen Talena. I have been taking photos of her since her oldest was little (and we've known each other forever). 

I photographed her back when she was a single mom. And then I photographed her at her wedding. And then I photographed her when she got pregnant with twins (in 2013) and I was there to photograph big sister meeting them in the hospital and now here we are, a few years later… photographing her with two more babies in her belly. 

Talena doesn't have easy pregnancies. But last year she decided she wanted just ONE MORE (hopefully) EASY BABY…. 

Life is funny, isn't it? 

But she handles motherhood (and pregnancy) with grace and strength and somehow remains calm through it all. It isn't easy. But it is worth it and she cannot wait to hold these sweet babies in her arms. 

“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.”