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Waarvik Family

Alisamarie GaccioneComment

Introducing: The Waarvik Family

Alice and I first met on Instagram. As a future adoptive mama, her photos made my heart so happy. And when I found out she lived in Alaska (but not anywhere near us- much further north) I knew that before they made their big trip to move to the states, we HAD to do photos. 

So they came to Anchorage, stayed with our family a few days and our photoshoot was magical. The mountains, the sunset, their sweet smiling faces. All the kids were wonderful and their adorable personalities shined through so beautifully. 

We were all heart broken when they drove away and tears were shed. Levi (my 7yo) put it perfectly, "it's not fair we get to meet new friends and then say goodbye 3 days later." And he was right. But we are so thankful for the time they were here (and to Instagram for connecting us in the first place). And we've made lifelong friends that we will get to see again, someday. <3