Sons & Daughters

A Road Less Traveled is a photography project that is so dear to our heart.

 We will be putting together a beautiful collection of stories and photographs into a coffee table book dedicated to sharing stories of families that are on this "road less traveled." 

A road that, in my opinion, isn't talked about enough.

A journey that needs to be shared. Our personal journey is just beginning and I look forward to the future, knowing that there are twists and turns, peaks and valleys, beautiful highs and dark lows. My dream for this project and book is to share the stories of other families across the country that are on this journey. I want to share how we celebrate the highs and the victories, yet embrace the lows and the trials, knowing they will pass, and they will give us new strength. I want families who have a child with special needs to know that they are not alone. I want to capture beautiful photographs and stories of families with special and beautiful children.